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英文求职信 篇1





  Knownewtechnologiesthatshowinstantprofit,suchasCAD/CAM. Thisisbutabriefsummaryofmyabilities.Andthereismuch,muchmoretoshare.IfeelIhavestrongmarketableskillsinwhichyouwouldbeinterested.Pleasecontactmeifyouwouldliketohearandseemore.


英文求职信 篇2




  ◆during the past then years,my experience has been concentrated in the masonry and plastering products supply industry with a building materials firm.during my six years as general manager,i took an old line business,which had undergone several years of poor management,and reversed the trend.i upgraded the firms image,and customer and vendor relations,which subsequently increased the dollar volume and bottom line profits by 300%.

  ◆my employment background consists of twelve years at the deaconess hospital,where i provide a wide range of administrative,financial,and research support to the chief executive officer.i have a strong aptitude for working with numbers and extensive experience with computer software applications.

  ◆you require: i offer:

  a college degree a bachelors degree in english from long island university

  fluency in italian and french fluency in italian,german,and french

  office experience experience as a receptionist at a busy accounting firm

  typing skills accurate typing at 60wpm

  willngness to travel willingness to travel

  ◆my work experience and my scholastic endeavors have thoroughly prepared me for employment in a firm that specializes in various segments of law.this fall and past summer,i have been working for a small general practice firm where i am entrusted with a great deal of responsibility.i write appellate briefs,memoranda in corporate,contract,and criminal law,and i draft complaints and answers.i also actively participate in attorney-client conferences by questioning clients and by describing how the law affects the clients suits.

  ◆i offer extensive knowledge of five computer languages and strong management,sales,and sales support experience.as a computer specialist,i was responsible for the management of a center handling the complete line of honeywell computers and peripherals for home and commercial use.in addition to a b.s.degree in business administration,i will receive a certificate in programming this may.

  ◆please note that i am currently completing my senior year at north dakota university and will receive my b.s.degree with a major in accounting and a concentration in computer programming in may.throughout school,and during full-time and part-time employment,i have continued to strengthen my focus in these areas.in addition,i have excellent problem-solving skills and feel that,if given the opportunity,i would be an immediate as well as a long-term asset to your firm.

  ◆i am presently a senior in good standing at new york university,due to graduate in may.i am pursuing a bachelor of arts degree with a major in journalism and a minor in both economics and english literature am proficient in both wordperfect and microsoft word for windows,and am familiar with both ibm and apple operating systems. i am presently working as a research intern for the economics division of tradewinds publishing in newark.

  ◆i have six years of experience,two as an apprentice and four as a licensed electrician,handling all kinds of electrical installations,working with electrical contractors,and as a subcontractor.presently i am investigating new opportunities in which to apply my education and experience with a well established company.i am capable of working independently or as a member of a team and feel confident of my ability to provide quality performance in any assignment that i undertake.

  ◆during the past fourteen years,my experience has ranged from senior auditor with keane & co.peripherals to my current position as vice-president/controller of a $90 million,multi-plant cd-rom manufacturing operation.i believe that my expertise and entrepreneurial insight can be utilized to the advantage of a growing enterprise with a need for effective and efficient financial management and cost control.

  ◆as you will note,i have fifteen years of educational and media experience.

  i am proficient in the operation of a wide variety of photographic,video,and audio equipment.i am regularly responsible for processing,duplicating,and setting up slide presentations,as well as synchronized slide and audio presentations.

英文求职信 篇3

  Dear Sir or Madam,

  Having heard that there is a need for students of English major in your company, I’d like to render my services for the post you are offering.I am a 23-year-old undergraduate expecting to graduate by July 20xx from the Department of English, Central South University, with a bachelor degree majoring in English.

  In the past three years, I have participated in several activities concerning the application of English. In July 20xx I used to work as an office assistant in an Import & Export Company for two weeks, during which I have done some translation and reception work that enabled me to learn a great deal which couldn't be taught in class. What's more, June 20xx saw my translation efforts made for the tender materials of English version of some construction companies. I think my education and previous experiences will enable me to offer helpful services.

  The enclosed resume will tell you more about my details, and my references, to whom I can refer you as to my personality and ability, is available upon request. I shall be pleased to come to your office for a personal interview at any time that is convenient to you.

  Yours faithfully

英文求职信 篇4

  Flat X, 88/F

  Centre Plaza

  Hong Kong

  2 January 20xx

  Mr Ho


  ABC Ltd

  Harbour City

  Tsim Shat Sui


  Dear Mr Ho

  Application for the position of Purchasing Manager

  My interest in the above position you advertised in today's JobsPower.com has prompted me to send my resume for your consideration.

  I possess ten years of experience in electronics purchasing area with five years as Purchasing Manger at XYZ Company. My responsibility is mainly to develop various systems to meet the requirements for world-class manufacturing and for several supplier programs for JIT. In the last position, I have successfully reduced 5% cost on all major contracts.

  I am adaptable, organized and able to work under pressure. My excellent management and communication skills are also essential attributes I would bring to your company.

  Currently, I am seeking a new challenging position where my innovative and management abilities can be applied. Please call me to discuss further about this exciting opportunity. I look forward to talking to you.

  Yours sincerely

  Steven Cheung


英文求职信 篇5

  Dear Sir or Madam:

  With reference to your letter on Dec。23rd,i'd like to ,first of all,convey my deepest appreciation to your offering me the position of manager assistant in your company。And i am more than delighted and honored to gain your trust and assignment。

  However,i have to decline this unexpected offer whih all unwillingness, which mainly results from an abrupt change in my schedule。 when i applied for the position a week ago , i aslo sent an application to cloumbia University, for i hadn't yet made up my nind whether to start work afger graduation this month 。 What a coincidence ! i got the adminttance to the graduate school of English literrature in Columbia University the same day i received your letter。 Weighing the pros and cons for an entire night ,i determine to seize the changce for further study abroad。

  With my earnest apology, i do hop you can pay me due understanding and forgiveness for turning down your offer。 in closing ,may your company have great prospects and enjoy extensive popularity。

  yours sincerely。


英文求职信 篇6

Dear Sirs,

  Having seen your advertisement in Beijing Evening News of August 6th for a salesman in the Electronic Device Department of your company, I’m very interested in the job and I feel I’m qualified to meet the requirements. Therefore, I’m enclosing a resume together with a reference from my supervisor.

  As you can see, I once worked in the Electronic Department. So I am familiar with different kinds of electronic devices. I have worked more than once as a salesman in some stores during my previous vacations. Besides, I’m very patient and friendly in nature. I’m confident that I shall be suitable for the kind of work.

  If you need any further information, I shall be very pleased to supply it.

英文求职信 篇7

  Cover Letter Examples

  Marilyn Appleton

  12300 Hilltop Drive

  Mantana, CA 99444

  (919) 345-5566


  Maxwell Jones

  Ganco Engineering

  4567 Main Street

  Yokomo, IL 99999

  Dear Mr. Jones:

  Recently, I completed a cooperative experience with an engineering firm in Northern California where I was given the responsibility of managing a small project. I am looking for the opportunity to perform in this capacity for Ganco Engineering. I believe my background and experience will help me be an asset to your company in a very short time.

  I have conducted survey and mapping assignments, participated in soil mechanics and foundation formation, and performed preliminary structural analysis and design for a grocery store. I was given the responsibility of producing a general lay-out for a new transportation system. I first surveyed the area, produced a traffic analysis and survey, researched city rules and regulations for compliance, and wrote a twenty-five page report depicting the feasibility of building a new freeway off-ramp. My mathematical skills are excellent and I am very conscientious about meeting deadlines and completing tasks unsupervised. If given the opportunity to accomplish an assignment, I can develop a plan that will meet the needs of the project.

  I am very interested in becoming a part of this project after reading your company brochure and an article in the Civil Engineering Journal about your company’s involvement in building a new mall in the area. I can be reached at the address and phone number below. I’ll be calling your office within ten days to inquire on the status of my application. I look forward to hearing from you.


  Marilyn Appleton

  Martina Morelli

  3433 Michelin Road

  Chico, CA 95928

  (916) 324-20xx


  Jay Jones

  Area Manager

  Heublein, Inc.

  816 Atlantic Avenue, Suite 10

  Alameda, CA. 94501

  Dear Mr. Jones:

  I have been encouraged by Jack Quick, Placement Officer at California State University, Chico, to contact you concerning your opening for a Sales Representative. After reviewing your company brochure, I am confident that I can be an asset to your company and would appreciate your reviewing the enclosed resume that depicts my sales characteristics and skills.

  Accepting challenges is the foundation of my life experiences and something I do with confidence. You will find me a totally committed individual with pride in being direct,

  spontaneous and communicative. I can maintain records, perform numerical calculations with accuracy and I need little direction to complete assigned tasks. These are the qualities that make an excellent Sales Representative.

  From past experiences and education, I have acquired persuasive techniques that are needed to influence students, parents and customers in making choices. My leadership skills are

  developed and have allowed me to spontaneously interact with ethnic diverse populations and all age groups. I am a motivator and organizer and these skills have enabled me to effectively defuse problem situations with customers using tact, thus creating a long-term client base. Teamwork is another skill I have acquired and one I know is necessary for organizational cohesiveness. Over the years, I have had to establish daily operational bases for

  projects/programs and provide the direction to insure the progress and deadline were met. I will appreciate the opportunity to meet and further discuss my qualifications and your sales position. I will be contacting your office to follow up on this letter around the first week in August. I am Looking forward to hearing from you. Thank you in advance for your



  Martina Morelli

  6460 Straid St.

  Orland, CA 95963



  Mr. Rolland Johnson

  General Manager


  201 Monroe Drive

  Arlington, TX 76028

  Dear Mr. Johnson:

  Are there any openings at KXYZ for an enthusiastic, young, announcer/programmer? Jane Majors, Director of Programming, recently discussed with me several experimental formats being planned at KXYZ, particularly in the areas of singularly directed programming. This scheduling concept is an exciting development with dramatic potential.

  This programming format requires that individuals possess a strong radio and television

  background. As a graduating senior in the Telecommunications Department, my experience includes both radio and television production and on-air programming. I have experience as an announcer, programmer, disc jockey, sportscaster, news reporter and news writer at KITU-FM and KTIS-AM. In addition, I hold an FCC third-class license with broadcast

  endorsement. My sense of responsibility and conscientiousness are indicated by my honors. My enclosed resume reflects my experiences and accomplishments. I am enthusiastic about your single-focus programming concept. The opportunity to help implement this innovative idea would be an exciting challenge for me. I will contact you during the week of October 12-16 to arrange a mutually convenient time for us to meet and discuss employment possibilities. Thank you for your consideration.


  Frank Manners

  12445 Mountain Ridge Drive

  Mountain Ridge, CA 95446

  (916) 545-3998


  Stockton City Chamber of Commerce

  Ruth Manning, Director

  1122 Rodney Avenue

  Stockton, CA 95443

  Dear Ms. Manning:

  I am in the process of canvassing the community for a position that will allow me to provide customer service and develop informational materials for the general public. If your agency is currently looking for an individual well versed in public contact who has a solid track record for compiling promotional information, please review the enclosed resume.

  Over the past 5 years, I have been giving public speeches, designing flyers and brochures for agencies, and interacting with the general public. My skills in customer service are excellent and I can handle customer problems in a tactful manner. You’ll find my communication skills well above average and I have had the opportunity to interact with very diverse populations and individuals of all ages. I can interview with business clients to gather facts and put these facts into written materials; interpret rules, regulations and policies; plus function positively as part of a team. You can trust me to work unsupervised, meet deadlines, and develop creative ideas that will make a difference in services rendered to the general public.

  Working with the general public is my goal and your organization will provide me with just the opportunity. I would like to request a personal interview to further discuss my qualifications and your organization and the services it provides. I can be reached at the address and phone above.


  Lana Sullivan

英文求职信 篇8

Director of law firm,

  Hello! I passed the judicial examination in 20xx by a narrow 365 point advantage. Now want to apply for the practice of lawyers to the job.

  In our previous work, and no law related work experience; at the same time, I also know, my self undergraduate diploma also does not have any advantage. But, I love attorney this occupation! I know, the profession is not outsiders imagine, everyone can live a full life, well dressed. Started the new lawyers, no experience, no fame, lack of the source, the basic living is a problem. Even, in this industry veteran of some years of lawyer, also faced with more embarrassed embarrassed situation. And practice the difficult environment, not to cooperate with relevant departments, do not understand the parties. But these I do not fear!

  From 1999 the University, when I know a lawyer qualification exam this opportunity, I am very excited. To must be engaged in it. However, the opportunity is not a coincidence, when we graduate, could participate in the lawyer qualification examination, has become a national judicial examination only undergraduate diploma can participate in the. However, I am not discouraged. When faith: that I do not abandon my ideal, I dont give up your life! After graduating from university in 20xx, I participated in the work of the edge, the self-study exam to participate in Shaanxi Province, and finally in 20xx October made the undergraduate course diploma. At that time, feel very happy, thought he could attend the judicial examination.

  Previous work experience, although not directly related to the legal working experience. However, the law after all and our daily life aspects associated. I believe that, in the past life experience, will help me to work -- I in five Stars Hotel, cultivate a good sense of service, serious work style, excellent sales skills.

  I character cheerful, good at communication with the people, insights into human psychology, these are a lawyer needs a potential. Of course, I also have their own shortcomings. For example, after all, the undergraduate course diploma is a self-taught and legal background, no good. However, in the future work, I will continue to learn, to make up for deficiencies. One of the most valuable is his ability to learn?

  In fact, said so much, mainly want to express me to engage in attorney this occupation passion and persistence! Hope that the director would give me a chance, a chance to interview you can. Thank you!

  If this letter, the first to see is not the director, trouble first saw the letter people to. I hope you can give me one to let the director to see this letter opportunity. Thank you!